I usually expect self fulfillment when I perform. I practice hard with what I do, so I am used to a more personal formal and concrete set up. If you throw an informal and abstract situation at me, I most likely won’t be able to achieve satisfaction in my work. I am a very much a perfectionist for my artistic interests.

It is safe to say that a person should stick to their instincts if they are unsure of a foreign idea.

My interests can only be instructed by myself; my actual questions can be instructed by an official.

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50 shades of cool☽

Glow/Pale blog ☽

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Look at this beauty I recently acquired 

Elvis Presley c. 1950s


Gonna be 18 in 30 mimutes, wtf

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I always feel super satisfied when I make others laugh.

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Behind my eyelids are islands of viølence.